Computer Repair by Larry Gowdy in Amarillo, Texas

Computer Repair by Larry Gowdy in Amarillo, Texas

Computer Repair - Virus Removal - Upgrades

Computer Networks - Cat5 Installation

Software Installation and Instruction

Custom-built Computers

Electromagnetic Radiation Liability Remediation

Windows® and Linux®

Office hours are 1-5 p.m. M-F

NOTICE: Due to the high volume of service work, I am currently only servicing existing/previous customers and their families, and at present I can no longer accept new computer repair customers. I am still accepting new customers for web design and for electromagnetic radiation liability remediation (elimination of wireless emissions). Thank you for your understanding.

Computer Repair in Amarillo, Texas by Larry Gowdy

Evening and weekend service is available by appointment

Secure - I have passed several FBI background checks required for previous licensing by the Texas Private Security Bureau, plus I have had open access to high and maximum security computerized controls at prisons, government agencies and corporations, and I have been entrusted with numerous valuables at museums and residential locations. I do not store passwords nor any other sensitive data from customers' computers unless it is necessary to access their online files while performing requested service (websites, hosting services, etc.), and then I prefer to only store the hand-written passwords on paper, not on a computer that might possibly be compromised. Data transferred between a customer's computers is normally performed with a USB thumb drive that is given to the customer to keep. Data that must be transferred with an external hard drive is retained for 30 days in case of the customer needing another copy, and I then wipe the hard drive to D.O.D. specs or else destroy the drive. I sincerely have no interest in any customer's private data, and I earnestly strive to avoid seeing private files (years ago I accidentally saw something on a computer that was deeply disturbing, and I never want to risk seeing anything like that again: I'm paranoid. ;-) ). Your computer data is guaranteed safe.

Experience - As an independent electronics technician, I have serviced over 10,000 customers in the tri-state region.

Economical - Low overhead equates to lower costs for my customers: my customers' bills pay for a single tech's expenses, not the operating expenses of a retail chain. My prices are normally about a third of what the retail chains charge.

On-site Computer Repair at Your Home or Business

Computer Repair in Amarillo, Texas by Larry Gowdy

A Gowdy Service Company - 'the trouble-shooter.'

Mailing address: P.O. Box 20954, Amarillo, TX 79114

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