Electronic Technician Amarillo, Texas

Electronic Technician Amarillo, Texas

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Electronic Technician in Amarillo, Texas

Commercial / Industrial Electronics - Automated controls, 0-480v AC and DC / 0-400a AC and DC motors and power supplies, analog/digital, hybrid logics systems, custom-built circuitry, trouble-shooting and repairs of PCBs, automated livestock feeding systems, wind generators, PV photovoltaic systems, printing presses, HVAC, ultrasound, energy conservation consulting, intercoms, music systems, computer repair, computer networking, security systems (banking, corporate, government buildings, prisons (local, county, and state, minimum to maximum security)).

(Client provides state licensing and insurance where mandated for all on-site work. Other arrangements can be made for contracted installations.)

Residential Electronics - Intercoms, built-in vacuums, antennas, cable & satellite wiring, computer repair, computer networking.

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